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Ep 27 | Military Wives and Surrogacy


March 19, 2021
On today’s episode of Fertility Cafe, we talk about one special group of women who just so happen to make up a large share of surrogate mothers in the United States: military wives. What makes these women so uniquely suited to serve as surrogates? Is there something in particular that motivates or inspires them to answer the call?

Surrogacy has long been a hot topic in military circles, and for good reason: military wives happen to make up a significant portion of all surrogates in the United States. With statistics showing that military wives account for as much as 25% of all surrogates, something’s definitely going on!

Flexibility, resilience, independence, and a strong sense of duty are all factors that military wives and surrogate mothers tend to have in common. That, coupled with the incredibly tight-knit and supportive milspouse community, means that more military wives are answering the call to surrogacy than any other segment of the US population.

Host Eloise Drane dives into the topic of military wives and surrogacy by exploring several topics, including:

  • What unique qualities and characteristics do military wives possess that make them particularly suited to be surrogate mothers?
  • Why many military families refer to surrogacy as the “mommy deployment,” and what it takes for the entire family to mobilize in support of a surrogate’s pregnancy.
  • How the military’s infamous “hurry up and wait” culture makes a nice parallel with a surrogacy journey.
  • How online milspouse communities gave birth (pun intended) to the milspouse-as-surrogate phenomenon.
  • What role does financial compensation play in a military wife’s motivation to become a surrogate? How much can she make as a surrogate?
  • Does TRICARE cover surrogacy?
  • What steps does a military spouse need to take to become a surrogate?

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