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A Single Step Can Transform Multiple Lives… Are You Going To Take It?

You Hold The Key To A Family Legacy

Someone is probably on the lookout for someone like you who can assist them in starting a family. You can make a difference in their lives for the better.
Our team at Family Inceptions Minnesota is here to assist you in every way we can if you want to make a positive change. We will be at your side every single step of the journey, prepared to lend a helping hand and offer our support.

For Extraordinary And Empowered Ones

Contributing even a small amount of your time or energy to another person’s quest for fulfillment can profoundly affect both of your lives. When you make even a modest alteration to your routine, you improve the quality of other people’s lives.
Egg donation is a life-changing process that can help you have empathy for others. We have generous donors in Minnesota who care deeply and want to see change. If the idea of egg donation is appealing to you, please submit an application.

Celebrate Life With Family Inceptions

Each egg donor in Minnesota receives our undivided attention as she undergoes the donation process, and we do everything in our power to ensure that she has all the information she needs to make a decision. We’ll start by looking over your application, but we’ll also offer legal counsel and emotional support to make sure you know what to expect and enjoy every step of your journey.

Apply To Be An Egg Donor

Our egg donors in the program experience an emotion that cannot be put into words: gratitude. Is your heart set on making a positive difference in people’s lives? To what extent do you look forward to this journey?
Your journey begins here!

Got questions? We’re here to answer them for you!

We can harvest and store your eggs in a safe and tested medical procedure called egg donation so that they can be used in the future. This non-invasive procedure allows you to donate your eggs to people in need. You will be compensated for your donation, but you will have no parental rights to the child born as a result of your donation.
Absolutely! Most women are born with more eggs than they will ever need. It doesn’t affect your future ability to get pregnant or give birth to children.
If you and the intended parents are a good match, either a gestational surrogate or the intended mother might use your eggs to conceive the child. Your eggs can either be fertilized and developed into embryos or frozen for later use after being removed. No parental rights will be granted to you if a child is born as a result of your egg donation.
Intended parents might decide to get in touch with you or meet you in person after viewing your profile and photos. We choose egg donors who fit the needs of intended parents from our database and pair them with egg donors. Until a meeting is agreed upon, our service keeps your identity private. There will be complete discretion used in all communications between you and the intended parents. Your profile is safe, and if access is required, only a potential intended parent may ask for it.

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