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Our Surrogates

About Our Surrogates

Family Inceptions Surrogates are women with proven track records of successful conception and full-term, uneventful pregnancy. They are healthy, stable, and committed to helping others achieve the dream of having a family. We work with surrogates in surrogate-friendly states all across the United States.

These are woman who are deeply committed to family, both their own and as a concept. Often, they have began considering becoming a surrogate for 4+ years before applying. Many are inspired to begin considering surrogacy when someone close to them have experienced family-building challenges.

Our Surrogate Screening Standards

ASRM Guidelines ​+ World Class Fertility Clinic Requirements + FDA Regulations ​+ Family Inceptions’ Unique Program Standards

These integrated screening standards result in a 165+ consideration screening rubric, which helps us find the highest caliber of qualified, prescreened and properly motivated surrogates.

Among our 165+ qualifiers, we consider: ​

  • Age
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • Overall health
  • Birth control method
  • Physical activity
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood work
  • Blood pressure
  • Diet/Exercise
  • STDs
  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Cycle regularity

Essential Check

  • Pass intake call
  • Pass pre-screening
  • Approval letter
  • from OB and doctor
Pregnancy & Delivery History
  • Proven history of pregnancy
  • Ease of conception
  • Ease of pregnancy
  • Ease of delivery
  • No more than two (2) cesarean section
  • Full term births
  • Birth weights of children carried
  • Hypertension
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Preeclamosia

Essential Check

  • Submit application
  • Approval of in -house nurse review records
Home &
  • Financial security
  • Safe, stable home
  • Support of partner
  • Support of network
  • Pass criminial
  • Background check
  • No addiction/smokers in the home
  • Transportation
  • Proximity to
  • monitoring facility
  • Number/age of children
  • Pets and hobbies

Essential Check

  • Application approved
  • Pass intake call
  • Pass criminal background check
  • Home check
  • CPS record (child protective services)
  • Honest presentation
  • Mental stability
  • Capacity to understand commitment
  • No history of clinical mental illness
  • History of reasonable decision making
  • Own family building plans
  • Open to professional mental health direction
  • Able to communicate
  • Postpartum depression

Essential Check

  • Approval from licensed mental health professional
  • Criminal background check
  • State of residence
  • Termination or reduction opinion
  • Viral exposure threats
  • Recent/planned travel
  • Family Support
  • Lactation
  • Dating life
  • Work stress
  • Black out dates
  • Communication
  • Comfort with needles
  • Transportation

Essential Check

  • Application approved
  • Pass intake call

Our Surrogate
Pre-Screening Process

For prospective surrogates PRIOR to introduction to Intended Parents.

Our upfront prescreening efforts save you time, money and fast track your journey. Our
Number 1 priority is to match you with a qualified surrogate you like and trust and who
satisfies your clinic’s specific standards. We feel it is important to ensure potential candidates are thoroughly vetted and pre-screened before introducing her to you. Our pre-screening process is outlined below.


All candidates interested in becoming surrogates must complete a detailed application, spanning health, lifestyle, and motivation.

One-on-One Assessments

Every surrogate who works with us must complete an interview and meet with a Family Inceptions advocate to discuss her desire to become a gestational surrogate. During this interview, she is provided with an
in-depth overview of surrogacy so she is prepared for this journey.

Medical Records Review

All of our surrogates’ previous medical records are reviewed by a licensed medical nurse to ensure she did not have any complications during any of her previous pregnancies. She is also required to have a pap as well as a physical less within one (1) year of her application.

Background Checks

A thorough background check is completed on the surrogate and her partner. The background check investigates local, state and federal criminal history, drivers license and sex offender registry.

Psychological Evaluation

We work with licensed psychological professionals who specialize in third party reproductive evaluations. Every potential surrogate must complete a clinical/diagnostic interview, which includes a psychological history evaluation and assessment of support and commitment.

Medical Assessment

All of our surrogates will complete a drug and nicotine screening as well as STD (sexual transmitted disease) screening prior to match.

Psycho - Social Assessment

A home visit from a licensed social worker is required for every surrogate. During this visit, the social worker will perform a psychosocial evaluation within the carrier’s home.

Proceed To Matching

If all prior parts of screening check out positively, the surrogate is added to the database from which prospective intended parents can select. The next page outlines our matching procedure.

Our Surrogacy
Process Overview

Every potential surrogate is thoroughly pre-screened before we present her profile for your review. Once you choose a surrogate, we provide your clinic with her pertinent information within 24 hours.

1) Consideration

Your first step is scheduling a free one-hour consultation in person, over the phone, or via video. Following the conclusion of that consultation, you’d advance to the confirmation stage.

2) Confirmation

Consists of 3 steps:
1) an Intended Parents’ Questionnaire for Surrogacy (which helps us understand your dreams, challenges, and expectations),
2) a retainer agreement that outlines the terms of our work together, and
3) payment of the initial fee for us to begin your matching process.

3) Candidate Review

You will be provided with a profile of potential surrogate that matches your criteria. Our process goes deeper than simply selecting a surrogate from a database. We look for surrogates who share similar desires for the journey you will embark on together.

4) Phone & In-Person Match Meeting

Once you select a candidate, we'll arrange a telephone match meeting. If all goes well, we'll schedule a face-to-face meeting at neutral location. If you decide to move forward, the surrogate will undergo medical screening.

5) Escrow

Your first step is scheduling a free one-hour consultation in person, over the phone, or via video. Following the conclusion of that consultation, you'd advance to the confirmation stage.

6) Medical & Joint Psychological Screening

Once you select a candidate, we'll arrange a telephone match meeting. If all goes well, we'll schedule a face-to-face meeting at neutral location. If you decide to move forward, the surrogate will undergo medical screening.

7) Legal

Upon receiving clearance, your attorney will draft a gestational surrogate agreement (GSA) outlining the legal implications of a surrogacy, including legal responsibility of both parties, compensation, ownership of child(ren) resulting from the pregnancy, etc. Each party will be represented by an independent attorney.

8) Cycle Start

Once legal clearance has been received, the clinic will provide a cycle schedule based on whether you use fresh or frozen embryos. If fresh, the surrogate will be synced with you. If frozen (& embryos are already created), the clinic will sync around the surrogate. Either way, she will begin medication to thicken her uterine lining in preparation for embryo transfer.

9) Embryo Transfer

The embryo transfer will take place 5 days after egg retrieval or from when the clinic thaws the embryos. The surrogate will return to the clinic for a blood pregnancy test 12-14 days after transfer. If she is pregnant, she will have follow-up appointments for blood tests and an ultrasound to confirm heartbeat. If all goes well, she will be released to an obstetrician at 10-12 weeks.

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