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Intended Parents

Get Started on Your Surrogacy Journey

It’s more than surrogacy. It’s your legacy, your dream, and loving someone deeper than you ever thought possible.

Family Inceptions’ expert team is ready to make that dream happen.

Contact us and schedule a free 60 minute consultation to discuss how to start the journey.

Are you eager to start decorating a nursery, celebrating with friends & family, buying the tiniest outfits and baby gear?

Are you excited that you could be one step closer to being called “mom” or “dad”?

Do you see yourself planning a family vacation to share this big, amazing world with your baby?

Our agency was established in 2008 under the name of Family Acuity. Due to ownership changes, the business name was changed to Family Inceptions.

  • One of the few surrogacy and egg donation agencies registered with the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) for oversight.
  • Prior to matching, all surrogate candidates are pre-screened including full psychological and a home visit.
  • We have a 96% success match rate on the first match
  • No extra cost to receive what other agencies charge for VIP services
  • Surrogate compensation, agency fees, and professional fees (with the exception of the fertility clinic) are fixed, simplifying your budgeting process and eliminating those uncomfortable conversations about money

Most intended parents look for a surrogate that they feel they can trust. This includes assessing her level of responsibility, perceived intelligence, personality, and health. Communication is also important, so intended parents typically look for a surrogate who is aligned with their communication style. Some intended parents have preferences for ethnicity, culture, and religion as well.

In some circumstances, a surrogate may be willing and able to carry multiples. For many intended parents, her willingness to carry multiples is a deciding factor. Other deciding factors can be considerations such as whether the surrogate is willing to terminate pregnancy under certain circumstances, reduce the number of fetuses, and other sensitive value-based issues. We work closely with both parties to address these concerns and make sure they are included in the contract.

Without hesitation, we believe that the best way to find a surrogate is with the assistance of a professional, ethical agency. There are other ways, of course, but they carry risks. Remember that people can be anyone that they think you want them to be online. Protect your emotional and financial investment by working with professional agencies who keep your interests at heart.

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