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April Whitford

Journey Manager

April is a passionate and truly devoted surrogate support coordinator. She prides herself on offering a “personal assistant” level of service to the busy moms she works with. She has a Bachelor of Social Work from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI and is a Certified Forensic Investigator, Certified Adoption Investigator, Certified Guardian ad Litem, and has multiple social work licenses in various states. April has been married for over twenty years and has three teenage children. She is originally from Indiana, and now lives in Charleston, SC since 2000, having discovered that she sincerely prefers hurricane season to any mention of snow. April enjoys reading and true crime TV shows. She is a PTA Volunteer and assists with her local foster care department’s independent living teenagers program.

“I love what I do! This is not a job, it is my passion. I have been working in modern family building since the beginning of my career in 2000. My favorite thing to do is build families. However that looks to you – foster care, surrogacy, biologically – great! Let’s work on that!”