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Make A Great First Impression With A Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy agencies receive many calls and applications daily from women who are interested in becoming a surrogate. These women may all meet the initial criteria required by ASRM to become a surrogate, but that doesn’t mean they will all move forward with the agency.  Agencies may not choose to work with an applicant for a number of reasons. Just like a job interview, the surrogacy applicant must make a great first impression with the agency.

Learn how to make your surrogacy application stand out with these tips for success when applying to become a gestational surrogate with an agency.

Tip # 1: Complete your application.

Your application will be viewed just like a resume.  Applications that include incomplete answers, poor spelling or grammar, and little detail come off as unprofessional and show carelessness. Women who do not complete the full application within a few days give the impression that they are not serious about the role they are taking on as a gestational carried. A gestational surrogate is an extremely important position that requires the utmost trust and honesty as you are carrying the life someone else’s child. Showing little effort on the application shows the agency you will give little effort throughout the journey.


Tip # 2: Answer all questions honestly.

Through the in depth and detailed screening process, agencies are able to identify untruths and information that has been altered or left out. Extensive background checks are conducted using a variety of mediums to review criminal history, personality characteristics, medical and mental health history and character reports for both the potential surrogate and their significant other. Often times a potential surrogate may “pass” the initial criteria required by ASRM but will not be able to proceed because of “red flags” presented in the screening process. If you have a question about your eligibility from the outset (for example: “Will my spouse’s mental health history disqualify me?”) feel free to contact the agency and ask. Agencies are very open to answering any questions you may have.


Tip # 3 Communicate with agencies in a timely manner.

There is a lot involved in the surrogacy journey and applicants need to be prompt when responding to emails and other forms of communication with the surrogacy agency. Paperwork requests should be completed and returned within 24-48 hours. If an applicant can not complete the request in that time frame, then the applicant needs to inform the surrogacy agency as to why this can not be done. Agencies understand gestational surrogates have their own busy lives, but not openly communicating with the agency shows that there may be a lack of communication with the intended parents down the road. Agencies are looking for surrogates with open and frequent communication they can trust to have the same communication with intended parents looking for to build a close relationship with their gestational surrogate.


Are you qualified to become a gestational surrogate? Find out now!

Take our quiz and find out your Surrogate Score compared to other women applying to become gestational surrogates. Your results will tell you if becoming a surrogate is a good option for you at the time or not.


What is it really like to be a surrogate?

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