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Guest Speaker: Nancy Block

Ep 74 | Medical Records & Privacy


December 13, 2022

Episode Summary

As an egg donor or a surrogate, your medical history is seen as an open book. IPs and their medical teams want and expect to know everything there is to know about your medical past – often for good reason, but where is the line? Is it reasonable for a donor or surrogate to expect some degree of privacy, particularly for health-related issues that may not seem relevant to the task at hand? Is it OK for donors or surrogates to redact their medical history? Or should IPs only accept full medical records issued from the donor’s or surrogate’s PCP? In this episode, we discuss medical history and privacy of donors and surrogates during the donation or surrogacy processes.

Guest Bio

Nancy Block

Nancy Block RN and Mark Silverberg MD founded National Surrogate Record Review in order to provide a service for potential parents, fertility clinics and agencies to find the most stable, suitable candidates for surrogacy. Nancy is an OB RN with over 26 years in assisted reproductive technology. Her nursing career spanned over 17 years in all aspects of Women’s Health. Mark has been an MD in the Anesthesia sector for over 30 years and has worked with patients with varied needs and has reviewed 1000’s of charts for procedures he has been involved in. Dr. Silverberg has worked with OB/Gyne Patients for many years in inpatient and outpatient settings.


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