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Ep 92 | Navigating The Emotional Journey: Redefining Family Through Egg Donation


June 27, 2023

Episode Summary

Despite being the most successful assisted reproductive technique, donor egg use involves complex emotions, from relief and hope to lose and grief. In navigating this uncharted territory, potential parents often grapple with feelings of guilt, jealousy, and a struggle with self-esteem and identity. Questions like “Am I less of a mother or a father because we’re using a donor’s egg?” are common. We explore the importance of addressing these feelings with professional support, remembering that love and nurturing play a larger role in child development than genetic ties alone.

Host Bio

I’m Eloise Drane, Founder of Family Inceptions, the first surrogacy and egg donation agency in the state of Georgia and the first Black-owned surrogacy and egg donation agency in the United States.

I created the Fertility Cafe podcast as a free resource to answer the biggest questions intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates are facing as they consider third-party reproduction.


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