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Ep 94 | Embryo Donation: Balancing Choice, Ethics, and Regulation in ART


July 11, 2023

Episode Summary

The multibillion-dollar fertility industry is now booming, and experimenting with business models that are changing the American family in new and unpredictable ways. Those desiring donor eggs and sperm are now able to select from detailed checklists of physical and intellectual characteristics. Meanwhile, fertility clinics are offering volume discounts, package deals, and even 100% guarantees for successful babymaking, raising complex ethical and legal dilemmas. In this episode, I will take a deep dive into the history of embryo creation outside the womb. I’ll cover the barriers that exist for so many people that cannot access this family-building option, what is being done to address it, and shine a light on some of the grey ethical areas that exist in this exploding industry.

Host Bio

I’m Eloise Drane, Founder of Family Inceptions, the first surrogacy and egg donation agency in the state of Georgia and the first Black-owned surrogacy and egg donation agency in the United States.

I created the Fertility Cafe podcast as a free resource to answer the biggest questions intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates are facing as they consider third-party reproduction.


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