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Family Inceptions is an egg donation agency that has been assisting families with the Atlanta, Georgia egg donation process for years. Providing assistance to intended parents and egg donors interested in completing an egg donation journey in Atlanta or the surrounding cities, our company walks everyone involved through each step.

Egg Donors

Become an Egg Donor in Atlanta

Whether you live in Atlanta or any other part of the Georgia, Family Inceptions will walk you through being a Georgia egg donor. Because many of our staff has been in your position, they can personally relate to all the aspects. Uniquely qualified to treat you with professionalism, understanding and respect, we will help you join a select group of women who share this selfless act that will change your life forever.

Why are Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Marietta, Norcross, Peachtree City, and other metro-Atlanta cities a good location for finding egg donors?

  • Large population
  • Several top fertility centers in the area
  • No legal restrictions

As an egg donor, you play in a pivotal role in helping deserving people become parents. Without your gift, intended parents would not be able to have children. Donation is integral to what we do at Family Inceptions. We assist intended parents facilitate their surrogacy journey with egg donation.

Requirements to Become an Egg Donor in Atlanta

Check out our requirements page to get full detail requirements on how to become an egg donor?

Atlanta Egg Donor Compensation

There’s no way the gift you give to Intended Parents can ever be measured. Hence, Family Inceptions offers considerable compensation to egg donors and the opportunities that this can open up for you are nearly endless. For more information on what an egg donor can receive, check out the egg donor compensation page.

Types of Egg Donation Relationships

Anonymous/Closed Egg Donation – In Anonymous/Closed Egg Donation, the egg donor’s identity is kept confidential, and there is no shared information or contact between the Intended Parent(s) and the Egg Donor.

Semi-known/semi-open Egg Donation – In Semi-known/semi-open Egg Donation, the Egg Donor and Intended Parent(s) may choose to exchange partial identifiable and contact information with each other.

Known/open Egg Donation – In Known/open Egg Donation, Egg Donor and the Intended Parent(s) choose to share detailed identifying and contact information (including but not limited to last name, address, occupation and other details).

Identity Release at 18 years old – In this egg donation arrangement, the identity of Egg Donor is released to the donor offspring at the age of 18; including but not limited to full name, date of birth, town, and the most recent address.

Intended Parents

Find an Egg Donor in Atlanta

Since many of our staff members have been in your shoes, they understand how overwhelming the process can be. Family Inceptions makes every step of finding an egg donor in Atlanta, GA easier by helping you find the person who best matches your requirements.

How Do You Select an Egg Donor?

When selecting an egg donor to help you complete your family, it’s important to understand that there are so many different types of donors.

Many intended parents choose donors who exhibit these basic characteristics:

  • Physical traits matching those of the intended mother
  • Beauty
  • High IQ
  • Successful past egg donations
  • Proof of determination and a strong work ethic

Beyond these main attributes, though, the types of donors vary drastically. Intended parents consider things like ethnic backgrounds, religious connections, talents, interests, and athletic ability to find the right fit for them. However, the most typically sought-after ‘types’ of donors include attractive egg donors, educated egg donors and ethnic egg donors. With this in mind, we offer a large selection of these specific types of donors and will assist you in selecting the best person who will help make your dreams of having a family come true.

Here is a brief summary of each:

It’s natural for intended parents to want their child to be attractive, so we offer various types of beautiful egg donors. Because we work directly with both donors and the intended parents, we are able to match you with a beautiful egg donor based on your individual needs and preferences.

Going beyond simply making referrals, we offer our insights and explain the reasons why we feel the candidate might be a good match. Finding healthy and beautiful women, who are often an actress or model egg donor, we strive to provide a pool of women who have qualities that other people would desire for their child. But just because they may be beautiful egg donors, they aren’t automatically selected to be a part of our database—every individual goes through a thorough background check as well as medical screenings by the medical clinics.

All donors who come through the Family Inceptions egg donor program are women who are currently in or have completed a bachelor’s degree program. The donors are college educated and highly accomplished young women. They are normally very intelligent and have shown great integrity, responsibility and commitment in their personal and professional lives. Additionally, many of our clients have earned advanced degrees from prestigious universities, so selecting an Ivy League egg donor is also possible. These ambitious women are accomplished in their fields and are hoping to help intended parents complete their families. There are also other donors who are pursuing or have graduated from a four-year college with a GPA of at least 3.0. We’ve assisted intended parents in finding either an Ivy League egg donor or educated egg donors with bachelors and masters’ degrees, medical students, law students and PhD candidates.

We know that ethnic egg donors who share your background can make your dream of having a family a reality. Wanting your child to look like you is a natural desire. Ethnicities vary greatly and within some cultures, there are numerous heritages and religions to take into consideration.

Previously, intended parents searching for an ethnic egg donor used to struggle to find the right match or had to wait for a very long time. Because of cultural reasons, few young women of Asian, Indian, Jewish and Middle Eastern descent chose to donate as it was frowned upon in their communities. However, in today’s world, egg donation is becoming more and more acceptable is many cultures. Whether you are searching for Asian egg donor, Indian egg donor, Jewish egg donor or African American egg donor, we are experts in finding donors from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Our staff has many years of experience helping intended parents find egg donors of specific ethnicities and heritage.

There are many options for intended parents seeking egg donation. Our niche is in helping you choose the path best suited for you by matching you with the perfect donor and then guiding you through the process.

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