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Surrogacy Matching: Understanding the Process Through an Agency

Are you a potential surrogate considering the life-changing journey of helping a family grow? Understanding the matching process, especially when working through an agency like Family Inceptions, is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the surrogacy matching process and timeline specifically tailored to your needs as a potential surrogate working with Family Inceptions.

1. Initial Inquiry and Application with Family Inceptions (1-2 Weeks)

Taking the First Step

Starting your surrogacy journey with Family Inceptions begins with an inquiry and application. We carefully review applications to ensure they align with the surrogacy requirements, creating a smooth start to your surrogacy matching process.  You (and your partner, if applicable) will have an in-depth interview with our intake team to ensure we have all the information we need to continue the screening process.

2. Thorough Surrogate Screening (1-3 Months)

Ensuring You’re a Perfect Fit

Family Inceptions conducts comprehensive medical, psychological, and background checks. We want to make sure you’re in the best condition for the journey, emphasizing your health and well-being.

3. Creating Your Profile (1 Week)

Sharing Your Preferences and Values

At this stage, we will create your profile detailing your preferences and values. Family Inceptions uses this information to align you with the right intended parents, respecting your comfort, and compatibility.  Your profile will include pictures, parts of your application, and a letter from you to your future Intended Parents!

4. Surrogacy Matching Process at Family Inceptions (1 Month)

Finding the Right Family for You

Family Inceptions takes great care in the surrogacy matching process to ensure you and the intended parents share similar values and expectations. You’ll have the opportunity to review the Intended Parents’ profile.  If you like the profile, you will have a match call with them, ensuring a connection that feels right for everyone involved.

5. Medical

Screening and Joint Psychological Evaluation (1-2 Months)

Ensuring a Healthy and Safe Pregnancy

After you have agreed to move forward, you will undergo a series of specialized ultrasounds, bloodwork and other testing to make sure that your future pregnancy will be healthy and as free of complications as possible.  Even your partner will undergo routine bloodwork!  After that has been completed, you and the Intended Parents will meet together with a psychologist to make sure everyone is on the same page for the journey ahead.

6. Legal Agreements and Finalizing the Surrogacy Match (1-2 Months)

Solidifying Your Surrogacy Partnership

Once you agree on the match and have cleared the medical screening process, Family Inceptions will guide you through drafting and finalizing legal contracts. We’ll involve experienced surrogacy attorneys to make sure everything is clear and in your best interest.

The surrogacy matching process with Family Inceptions typically spans 3 to 6 months. What sets us apart is our personalized, supportive and hands-on approach, ensuring you feel guided and cared for every step of the way.

Family Inceptions understands that you, as a potential surrogate, are making a profound and generous commitment. Our expertise and dedication reflect in the time we invest in finding the perfect match for you, turning this journey into a meaningful and rewarding experience.

Get started with Family Inceptions.

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