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The Surrogacy Journey Timeline: From Consideration to Delivery

The journey of becoming a gestational surrogate is a multifaceted and transformative process. Many potential surrogates often ask, “How long does the surrogacy journey process take?” Let’s break down the surrogacy journey timeline, from thinking about becoming a surrogate through to the delivery of the surrogate baby.

1. Considering Becoming a Surrogate: Exploration Phase

The journey starts with thinking about becoming a surrogate. This phase involves personal reflections, family discussions, research, and consultations with professionals. Understanding the commitment of surrogacy, legal, physical, and emotional aspects sets the foundation for the journey. The length of this time is different for everyone.

2. Surrogate Screening and Approval: Medical and Psychological Assessments (2-3 Months)

Once the decision is made, there are rigorous surrogate screening processes to pass through. These include medical examinations, review of all medical records, mental health assessments, and criminal background checks. This phase ensures that the you are healthy and capable of carrying a surrogate pregnancy.

3. Matching with Intended Parents: Finding the Right Fit (1 Month)

The surrogate matching process takes time and careful consideration. Whether through an agency or independently, finding the right intended parents who align with your values and expectations is vital.

4. Medical Screening: Ensuring a Healthy Pregnancy (1-2 Months)

Once you have decided on a tentative match, then you will undergo a series of specialized ultrasounds and bloodwork to ensure that the upcoming pregnancy is healthy for both you and baby. You will also meet with a mental health professional and the Intended Parents for a joint session, to ensure that everyone is aligned for how the journey will go.

5. Legal Contracts and Agreements: Protecting All Parties (1-2 Months)

Drafting and finalizing legal contracts is a critical step in the surrogacy journey process. An experienced surrogacy attorney will guide this process, ensuring all legal aspects are handled properly. Each party will have their own separate legal counsel to ensure
everyone is represented fairly.

6. Medical Preparations and Embryo Transfer: Fertility Treatments (1-2 Months)

This phase involves hormone treatments, medical preparations, and the actual embryo transfer. Regular visits to the fertility clinic and close monitoring ensure the best chances of a successful pregnancy.

7. Pregnancy: The Nine-Month Surrogacy Pregnancy Journey

Once pregnancy is confirmed, your surrogacy pregnancy journey lasts the typical nine months. Regular medical check-ups, open communication with the intended parents, and taking care of yourself are essential during this stage.

8. Delivery of the Surrogate Baby: The Culmination (1 Day)

The BIGGEST step is the delivery of the baby. It’s the emotional and joyous culmination of the entire journey, resulting in the intended parents meeting their child. And you feeling a sense of accomplishment and completion of a selfless job well done.

9. Post-Partum (3 months)

Family Inceptions will continue to follow up through the “4th trimester” in order to make sure that you are healing, both physically and mentally.

A Complex but Rewarding Journey

The entire surrogacy journey timeline, from considering the possibility to the delivery of the surrogate baby, can take anywhere from 14 to 24 months. While this may seem like a long time, each phase is vital to ensuring a successful and smooth surrogacy experience.

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