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Guest Speaker: Liz Scheier

Ep 72 | Egg Donor Advocacy Groups


November 29, 2022

Episode Summary

We are all very “pro family” around here, no matter what your family looks like. But we also feel it’s important to advocate for the egg donors and surrogates who are helping families become whole. In this episode, we talked to Liz Scheier, a member of the leadership team at the We Are Egg Donors advocacy group on issues she has seen be most prevalent in the egg donor community and how she hopes the fertility industry will evolve.

Guest Bio

Liz Scheier

Liz Scheier is a 3x egg donor and sits on the leadership team of We Are Egg Donors, a global support network for current and past donors. Her 2022 memoir NEVER SIMPLE, which was chosen as an editor’s pick by the New York Times, People Magazine, Apple, and Amazon, deals in part with the experience of donating eggs.


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