Meet Our Founder

Mandy Storer

Mandy Storer - Communications & Events Manager
Communications & Events Manager

Mandy is a two time gestational carrier who decided to join field in 2015. In her current role as Communications and Events Manager, Mandy assists in marketing and written presentations for Family Inceptions. She also manages necessary travel arrangements for our beautiful surrogates and egg donors.

Mandy has been interviewed by US and foreign media outlets about surrogacy numerous times. She has also spoken about her experiences at domestic and international conferences. An outspoken advocate of breastfeeding, LGBT equality, and third party reproduction rights, Mandy holds a B.A. in Public Relations, Writing, and Broadcast Journalism.

With a firm belief in open, honest communication, Mandy has a knack for tackling problems head on with a direct approach. In addition to boldly creating families, this mother of two is also an avid world travel enthusiast.