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Ep 09 | How to Find the Right Woman to Be Your Surrogate

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in the surrogacy process is choosing the woman who will carry your baby. Learn the questions to ask, topics to discuss ahead of time, and the pitfalls to avoid.

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Ep 08 | Eloise Journey To Egg Donation And Surrogacy

What inspires a woman to donate her eggs six times and serve as a gestational surrogate three times? Listen as Eloise Drane shares the details of every step of the journey, from her first donation (though not her eggs!) to actualizing her dream of starting the first surrogacy and egg donation agency in the South.

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Ep 05 | Embryo Donation: Starting a Family Takes a Village

What happens to the extra embryos created during IVF? Learn how the embryo donation process works and how you can donate (or receive) these precious “snowflake” babies.

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Ep 02 | Surrogacy: When It Takes a Village To Start a Family

So you want to be a surrogate, huh? Or are you considering using a gestational surrogate to start your family? Make sure you understand what it takes and how the surrogacy journey unfolds from start to finish.

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