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Ep 98 | Debunking Myths: The Truth About Fertility and Conception

This episode of Fertility Cafe debunks common fertility and conception myths, focusing on topics like the overlooked role of male fertility, contributing to 20% of all infertility cases, and the clinical definition of infertility.

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Ep 96 | The Baby Business

One of my focus areas in this podcast is destigmatizing surrogacy and setting the record straight. We live in a world with new and evolving family-building choices, yet there is still a veil of mystery, suspicion, and misunderstanding over this topic.

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Ep 94 | Embryo Donation: Balancing Choice, Ethics, and Regulation in ART

The multibillion-dollar fertility industry is now booming, and experimenting with business models that are changing the American family in new and unpredictable ways. Those desiring donor eggs and sperm are now able to select from detailed checklists of physical and intellectual characteristics.

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Ep 92 | Navigating The Emotional Journey: Redefining Family Through Egg Donation

Despite being the most successful assisted reproductive technique, donor egg use involves complex emotions, from relief and hope to loss and grief. In navigating this uncharted territory, potential parents often grapple with feelings of guilt, jealousy, and a struggle with self-esteem and identity.

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Ep 90 | How to Talk to Your Family, Friends & Employer About Becoming a Surrogate

This episode is all about discussing surrogacy and sharing the journey with your loved ones. Like any big conversation, talking about becoming a surrogate has some weight, so it’s best to be prepared to educate your family, listen to their concerns, and clear up any misconceptions as you ask them for your support.

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Ep 88 | What to Look for in a Surrogacy & Egg Donation Agency

This episode is all about doing your due diligence to vet any third-party reproductive agency you are considering working with. Since there is no federal oversight or comprehensive set of standards egg donation and surrogacy agencies must adhere to, it’s up to you to determine what kind of ethics and standards they have.

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