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Guest Speaker: Zach French

Ep 83 | Breaking Down the Cost Barrier to Surrogacy


April 25, 2023

Episode Summary

In this episode, we will focus on the lack of access to surrogacy, the prohibitive cost of it, and the need to raise awareness around this issue. I will interview Zach French, co-founder of Gift of Surrogacy. The goal of this non-profit organization is to gift grants that cover the full cost of a surrogate journey to someone with a medical diagnosis that prevents them from having children on their own and would not otherwise be able to afford one.

Guest Bio

Zach French

Zach French is an entrepreneur, lawyer, podcast host and technologist in Atlanta. Throughout his entire career, he has focused on building better connections for thriving ecosystems with three pillars — education, sales, and strategy. He has been involved in numerous nonprofits. Leveraging this experience, Zach and his wife Alexandra founded Gift of Surrogacy. Zach is on a mission to help build more families and proliferate the entire surrogacy ecosystem.


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