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Guest Speaker: Andrea Syrtash

Ep 93 | U.S. Surrogacy for International Parents: Charlie and Tom Farrant Tell Their Story


July 5, 2023

Episode Summary

In this episode, we’ll be talking about what it’s like for Intended Parents from abroad to navigate third-party reproduction within the US. I interview new parents, Charlie and Tom Farrant, to talk about what their family-building journey was like, starting out at home in the UK, where paid surrogacy is not allowed. We talk about their experience, first navigating infertility issues, coping with the attitudes surrounding third-party reproduction in the UK, and then investigating how they might pursue having a baby via surrogacy in the States.

Guest Bio

Charlie and Tom Farrant

Charlie and Tom are a couple from the UK living with their 6-month-old son, Bertie, born in South Carolina via surrogate. Tom works as a pilot and Charlie is a Registered Dietitian and blogger at


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